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Agenda for Monday 8/14/17

Meetings occur every second Monday monthly.

Member Facilitators: Jean Cherouny, Josh Thompson

Attendees: Please sign-in on Clipboard in the Learning Lab

You can directly comment on this document by highlighting any part of this agenda or minutes to notify us, or email, or use the Generator Members Directory!directory


Jean: Pizza (Clear tables in Learning Lab)

Jean and Josh: Print agenda and minutes, sign-up sheet, set up projector, chairs, Google hangout.

We will need pitching in for dessert for this meeting. It is longer so we need food.

5:00PM Pizza/Social (Please bring your own beverages/sides)

Click link below for Google Hangout.

We need to get a dedicated cart and hardware for this to be viable for attendees.

5:30 Call to Order

Member Introductions! —10 min

5:40 Update and Q &A with Interim Executive Director, Michael Metz –10 min

Note: In the Generator entryway we have a feedback box in which your suggestions, thoughts and priorities will be collected and read by Michael Metz daily and passed on to the new Executive Director. Thanks to all who have already written and shared.

5:50 Proposal Review $2,000 available – 25 min

Brook Martenis - 10 min . A Little Library With A Maker Theme.

6:15 Project Updates – 10 min

6:25 Announcements - 10 min

6:35 Set up the room and hear Joshua Nye talk about his Residency ending this month – 15 min

6:50 Hear our new Maker in Residence Alex Constantino talk about his plans for new work in August and September – 10 min

Thanks ya'll! Jean Cherouny and Josh Thompson

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